Domestic Refurbishments

Take a Solid Approach to Increased Profitability

‘Flat’ roofers are being offered an innovative opportunity to increase their profitability.

Protan- one of Europe’s biggest manufacturers of single ply membrane- is pointing out that refiurbishment and upgrading of conservatories and orangeries offers huge potential to flat roofers.

“Estimates suggest there are now over 3million conservatories in the UK, the majority of which were put up in the boom period up to 2006, and whose polycarbonate glazing is now failing. Then there are those glazed with polycarbonate where the owners are finding it too cold in winter, and too hot in summer,” points out Protan Domestic Business Development Manager Martin Shave. “Solid roofs are a growth area in the sector, but they can have limitations: many cannot accommodate the low pitch conservatories and orangeries: the lowest many can address is 15degrees. Some are manufactured from materials that do not have the flexibility across a temperature range, so cannot be fitted in cold weather, causing jobs- and therefore profit- to be delayed or even cancelled.”

A ply roof base with vapour control layer, insulation and topped with Protan membrane will be quick and easy to install, and give the householder an energy-efficient solution that delivers a comfortable internal ambience year round.

And unlike other alternative conservatory solid roof systems, it can easily accommodate rooflights, soil pipes and other detailing.

Protan SE membranes are A+ rated under the BRE Green Guide, so proven to achieve excellent environmental solutions. And as it was developed in Scandinavia, to accommodate the extremes of the Nordic climate, Protan SE with withstand temperatures as low as -30degrees C and can be laid and formed in even the coldest UK conditions without detriment. Once installed, it will last up to 40 years.

“Our approved domestic contractors are already realising the potential of this market, and enabling their customers to turn under-used rooms into useful extensions, thereby adding value to their homes,” adds Martin. “Many of them are local builders, conservatory installers, who have appreciated the benefit of adding another skill, and as a result are picking up on an under-exploited market.”

Protan roofing membranes are guaranteed for a minimum 10 years, yet the company has roofs that have been in place for 30+ years without performance-affecting degradation. A full support service, from installation training, NBS specification and in-house CAD design through to technical advice and variable warranty depending on specification is provided for approved contractors from the company’s Warrington headquarters.