Linthouse, Glasgow

Engineered Solution to Regeneration

Engineering excellence is returning to the Clyde with the building of a new social housing scheme.

CRGP Architects has created a development, built by main contractor CBC, of 40 apartments and 20 houses for social housing in LInthouse, Glasgow, on the banks of the Clyde, once Scotland’s shipbuilding heartland.

CRGP has reflected the engineering heritage in the design and construction of the homes, and turned to Protan for a state-of-the-art engineered roofing solution. Thus the 6 no. low pitch, monopitch roofs interconnecting predominantly four-storey blocks that house the 40 apartments are all roofed with 1700m2 of Protan SE1.6mm prefabricated single ply PVC membrane. Protan’s prefabricated option, welded into large format 4m wide rolls at Protan’s factory, and mechanically fixed in place with with the addition of PVC profiles, was used by roofing contractor WF Price Roofing.

“We wanted a modern but almost invisible space that blended seamlessly into its brownfield surroundings,” explained architect David McIntosh. “The simple lines and low pitch leant themselves to a single ply roofing solution. We have used Protan before, and knew we would get professional, quality advice and technical support to achieve our design ends.”

Added Derek Price of WF Price Roofing, “Protan is unique in offering a factory-fabricated option, whereby it calculates the most effective use of membrane to cover the specific area, then welds all the seams in a factory-controlled environment. All we need to do on site is mechanically fix at the edges. It gives the customer enhanced assurance over the performance of seams and joints, enables us to construct the roof more quickly, with reduced waste, and yet is cost-comparable to conventional single ply, cut, welded and fixed on-site.”

Protan SE membrane has a tensile strength of ≥1050N, and tear resistance ≥210N. Developed to withstand the weather extremes of Scandinavia, Protan SE membrane is more flexible than comparable PVC membranes, and delivers reduced risk of fracturing even in extreme cold: it can still be folded at -30°C, and is proven to deliver a life in excess of 30 years. SE membrane is part of Protan’s comprehensive range of single ply roofing solutions, covered at, all designed to protect value for specifier and contractor.

Manufactured at the company's headquarters in Norway, Protan roofing solutions are guaranteed for a minimum 10 years, but the company has roofs that have been in place for 30+ years without performance-affecting degradation. A full support service, from NBS specification and in-house CAD design through to technical advice and variable warranty depending on specification is provided from Protan UK's Warrington office.