Pickford's Wharf, London

Enlightening London Weighting

A 150 years-old former wharf is delivering an enlightened approach to refurbishment as a result of strategic thinking by the roofing company.

Pickfords Wharf today ‘houses’ offices and £1million+ apartments in historic Clink St, overlooking the replica of The Golden Hind on the River Thames. For the building’s maintenance company, Planned Premises Management, weather ingress through the banks of 26 metal-clad northlights on the roof was becoming an issue.

Hybrid Roofing of Basildon has solved the problem, by refurbishing the northlights using Protan SE1.2mm single ply membrane standard overlap, mechanically fixed.

“The client absolutely loved it,” said Hybrid’s managing director Terry Brooks. “The original plan was to use a standing seam system. The cost would have been prohibitive, let alone the logistics of trying to get sheets of metal through London, along the narrow street, and then up five storeys!

“Proposing Protan instead still met their requirements in terms of fitness for purpose, and enabled us to complete the project in a fraction of the time, with considerably less effort, as we could handle rolls of membrane more efficiently.”

Protan SE single ply membrane, available in 1.2mm, 1.6mm and 1.8mm, is developed to cope with even the most extreme weather conditions without detriment: it is certified to ≤ -30°. Hot-air welded at joints and mechanically fixed to the roof, the membrane achieves durability in excess of 30 years, with air leakage controlled/minimised in line with latest Building Regulations.

Protan SE membrane is also certified to deliver, and potentially surpass, the energy efficiency requirements laid down in Approved Document L, and, under the Green Guide, achieve a A+ rating.

Established some 75 years ago, privately-owned Protan is one of the top 3 membrane manufacturers in Europe. Manufactured at the company’s headquarters in Norway, Protan has roofs that have been in place for 30+ years without performance-affecting degradation. A full support service, from NBS specification and in-house CAD design through to technical advice is provided from Protan UK’s Warrington office.