Protan YouTube Channel

Protecting Against Mental Aberrations

According to research, almost 40% of people forget at least one basic piece of information every week- but help is at hand for roofers.

Protan, one of Europe’s tope three single ply membrane manufacturers, has launched its own YouTube channel of ‘how to…’ videos. The platform means that wherever they are- even on the roof- contractors can quickly and easily, via mobile, tablet or computer, stream how to execute a particular detail.

The suite of initially nine videos demonstrates step by step the correct way to undertake potentially more problematic areas such as forming a box gutter or pipe detail, peel testing, or flashing an edge or parapet. Each video is no longer than three minutes, yet still captures the key elements of each procedure.

As the videos reinforce the key aspects of single ply roofing covered by roofers on Protan’s training programme at its technical school, they also give its quality-approved contractors an easy-to-access ‘refresher’.

“Whether we admit it or not, we all forget things,” says Fraser Maitland, Protan UK managing director. “A recent study showed that those aged 18-34 are actually more forgetful! And if you forget how to correctly fix part of a single ply roof, it could prove very expensive if the roof then fails, leaks, delaminates. Using our video channel, a couple of minutes spent verifying the correct technique can save £000s spent rectifying a problem.”

Established some 75 years ago, and still privately-owned, Protan is now one of the biggest roofing & building membrane manufacturers in Europe. Manufactured at the company’s headquarters in Norway, its materials are developed to cope with even the most extreme weather conditions without detriment: they are certified to ≤ -30°. Protan SE membrane is also certified to deliver, and potentially surpass, the energy efficiency requirements laid down in Approved Document L, and, under the Green Guide, achieve a A+ rating.

Protan has roofs that have been in place for 30+ years without performance-affecting degradation. A full support service, from NBS specification and in-house CAD design through to technical advice is provided from Protan UK’s Warrington office.