Splash Waterworld

Vacuum Roofing Technology Helps Deliver Better Performance and Value

Butlins Skegness’ new, £16m Splash Waterworld is using state-of-the-art roofing technology to ensure it protects value for owner Bourne Leisure for decades to come.

Almost entirely under cover, to enable optimisation of visitor use year round, the refurbished, remodelled and extended waterpark is roofed with 2000m2 of Protan’s unique PROVAC vacuum single ply membrane system, and a Protan fully adhered exposed roof, with Latchways Mansafe® Protan Constant Forcefall protection safety system. The roofing was installed by Roofdec, with the Mansafe system installed by HCL Safety Ltd,  for main contractor Simons.

“As is so often the case in any build project, the build program was tight. Protan, with its PROVAC vacuum system and GX exposed roof membrane, gave us a great solution from one source,” explained Roofdec’s William Bird.

“PROVAC is quicker to install than conventional fully adhered or mechanically fixed systems, and sat well with the roofing specification of a PIR insulated roof panel. Protan’s GX fleece-backed fully adhered roofing membrane is purpose designed for buildings with high levels of humidity, such as swimming pools, and/ or which are expected to encounter strong wind uplift.

“The combination of Protan single ply membranes provided good roof performance across the spectrum of the building’s usage, with one guarantee covering all the new roofs. It also reduced significantly the number of mechanical fixings, accelerating installation time, and giving and end result that was more appealing to the eye.”

PROVAC works by loose-laying of Protan SE membrane on the roof, fastening only around the perimeters and penetrations. Strategically located vents within the design act as pressure release valves. The stronger the wind forces, the better the system works.

Purpose-developed for fully adhered roofing systems, Protan GX’s fleece backing further enhances insulation whilst giving an enhanced bond to the roof structure below.

Protan roofing membranes are guaranteed for a minimum 10 years, but the company has roofs that have been in place for 30+ years without performance-affecting degradation. A full support service, from NBS specification and in-house CAD design through to technical advice and variable warranty depending on specification is provided from the company’s Warrington headquarters.