Protan Exposed Terrace Surfacing

Protan's terrace products offer a safe solution for terraces and balconies. The products provide a solid, durable and safe walking surface.


Protan's terrace system is particularly suitable where there are low door thresholds that require low-profiled solutions, with a light weightload on the terrace, and simple cleaning.

Protan exposed terrace membranes: Protan Terrace T has polyester reinforcement and is 2.0 mm. Protan Terrace GT has a fiberglass reinforcement and is 2.4 mm. The two membranes have different physical characteristics and must be installed according to the installation instructions.

Protan terrace covering can be cleaned in the same way as an indoor floor, with no additional special maintenance required.

The expected lifetime is up to 30 years, depending on the level of wear.

Protan terrace covering is placed as an exposed, visible floor surface and can be used on outdoor terraces with an even and stable surface. The covering serves as both a waterproofing and wearing surface, in one layer. It is designed to be walked on directly and for normal use of the terrace. The covering has a surface structure that ensures good friction and an aesthetic look to your terrace.

Protan terrace covering is developed especially for the Nordic climate and is tested and documented. The surface has been tested and documented with a Technical Approval from SINTEF Building and Infrastructure.

The key characteristics of a terrace covering with an exposed surface are:

  • High puncture resistance and wearing strength
  • High elongation at break
  • Good UV stability - tolerates strong sunlight
  • Good resistance to cold
  • Documented long lifetime

Protan terrace covering is eco-friendly and can be recirculated.

Protan T Membrane

Terraces with high pedestrian traffic require durability and strength. Protan T membrane is specially made for laying such roofs with aesthetics.

Protan GT Membrane

2.4 mm thick Protan GT membrane is specially designed for visible terraces and balconies. The membrane is strong and durable for pedestrian traffic.

Protan Prefabricated details

Protan has one of the widest ranges of prefabricated details on the market, including details for corners, pipes and upstands.