Protan vacuum roof system

Protan Vacuum Roofing is a unique system that does not require fasteners or adhesives to be used on the roof surface. The wind forces create a vacuum effect that sucks the membrane firmly onto the roof structure. The windier it is, the better the system works.

The stronger wind, the better

When the vacuum roof is exposed to wind forces, negative pressure is generated in the layer between the membrane and an airtight, load-bearing substrate. This makes our vacuum roofing ideal in harsh climates. No fasteners need to be used on the roof surface, so the vapour control layer is not punctured. The membrane is laid in 2 or 4 metre widths, then air sealed against the parapet and around any penetrations.

Rapid installation

Protan Vacuum Roof System guarantees rapid installation and a speedy building process. The solution has very few joints and is a perfect match for projects with strict air tightness requirements, such as passive houses. Our vacuum roofing system is also ideal for buildings with high humidity, such as swimming pools, breweries, etc. If moisture is trapped in the roof structure, the vacuum system helps to vent it.

Protan Vacuum roof system

  • unique solution
  • rapid installation
  • no fasteners or adhesives
  • ideal in harsh climates

No noise during installation

Drilling noise can be a problem when renovating roofs. Fitting a Protan Vacuum Roof System reduces installation noise significantly, a major benefit for users of buildings such as offices, hospitals, schools and other institutions.

This is how it works

Protan’s vacuum system is based on the principle of anchoring the membrane by creating negative pressure in the layer between the membrane and the airtight substrate when exposed to wind loading. The negative pressure causes the membrane to be held down against the substrate, and the load is transferred downwards to the underlying supporting structure. The stronger the wind, the better the system works. The Protan vacuum system has been verified and approved by the Sintef Building and Research Institute (TG 2281).

Depending on the substrate, the following membranes are used: Protan SE or EX

See our video about Protan Vacuum Roof System.




Protan SE Membrane

Whether it is flat or curved, SE membrane manufactured by Protan can be fitted everywhere. The softened PVC membrane adapts to climates with ease.

Protan Parapet system

Our parapet system guarantees an elegant, weather-tight, robust solution for one of the roof's most challenging and wind-exposed elements.

Protan Prefabricated details

Protan has one of the widest ranges of prefabricated details on the market, including details for corners, pipes and upstands.