We all live under the same roof

We all live under the same roof

Choosing Protan’s membranes is a choice for the future.


With highly durable, flexible and sustainable roof solutions we are able to reduce the total consumption of resources in the entire value chain.

Waste elimination and time optimisation are two very practical steps to reducing this impact in construction. In addition, this is sound business logic for all stakeholders. Protan has put this challenge at the forefront of its commercial policy. The Protan philosophy is to optimise design at specification stage related to the type of roof construction required, for example flat, pitched, green etc.

A sustainability pioneer

Protan collaborate with organizations, suppliers and customers in our environmental work. We also work closely with the authorities, interest groups and specialist communities in order to generate environmental improvements in a long-term perspective.

Already in the 1980’s, decades before circular economy became a buzzword, Protan started to use other manufactures’ thermoplastic waste materials in our products. Some of these re-used materials came from Volvo’s car factories in Sweden. The colooured granulates you see in the picture below is waste materials from a Norwegian buoy manufacturer that goes straight into our membrane production in the factory in Drammen.


Early adopters of EPD's

Protan were one of the first companies in Norway that quality assured our environment work through EPD - a document that summarizes an environmental profile to a finished product in a standardized and objective way. EPD stands for Environmental Product Declaration. EPD Norway is part of the ECO Platform. Click here to see Protan's EPD's.

BREEAM certification

Protan's products and solutions meet a number of requirements that can help achieve points for projects to be built to achieve BREEAM certification.

There are several criteria and topics where Protan's solutions and products can come in handy.

This applies to life cycle costs, responsible construction practices, the building construction's energy performance, sustainable material selection, responsible procurement of materials, waste management on the construction site, improvement of the site's ecology and surface water management.

By using Protan's products and systems, sustainable material selection and responsible purchasing can be documented. Protan's products and solutions can also help the project achieve points in other categories.

ISO certification

Protan’s manufacturing plant was one of the first in Europe to adopt ISO14001. We recycle production, training and site waste. All our membranes are recyclable at the end of their exposure limits. Protan believes the use of PVC in roofing, with its proven durability in excess of 40 years, is highly sustainable unlike the use of plastics in disposable goods. We are certified pursuant to ISO 9001 quality systems and ISO 14001 environmental management systems.


Protan is an active participant in the European RoofCollect environmental organization, which collects and recycles materials.