Protan's mission, values and ethical guidelines

Protan's mission, values and ethical guidelines

Passion, collaboration, quality and responsibility guide our actions and conduct.


Here you can read more about Protan's mission, values and our code of conduct.

Protan has a presence in several industries in a number of countries. Our main market is construction and civil engineering. We help to build the countries to which we supply products and services and we proudly protect assets.

We are proud of each other

Individually and as groups, we face ethical and practical situations and dilemmas that test our integrity. A rule of conduct in every decision we take is that we never compromise our integrity. We make ethical choices and when in doubt, we consult our colleagues and managers.

Protan's Mission

We proudly deliver innovative roof systems, membranes, ventilation systems and technical textiles that protect our customers’ assets.

To succeed in this mission, our employees act with respect and integrity towards business associates, clients, colleagues, public officials and other parties with whom they are in contact during the course of their work.

Our ethical code provides guidelines for all our employees so that we work in an ethical a socially responsible manner. All employees, directors, temporary personnel and others acting on behalf of Protan are required to familiarise themselves with our ethical code.

We comply with rules, acts and regulations, and we focus on people. We guarantee safe and healthy working conditions, and we are aware of our impact on the environment.

Protan's four values

We have four values that guide our actions and conduct. Our clients, partners and colleagues experience these values when they work with us.

Passion: We take ownership, are creative, innovative and eager to succeed.

Collaboration: We value and treat each other with respect. We are inclusive, focused on sales and communicate clearly.

Quality: We are knowledgeable, meet requirements, exceed expectations and deliver without error.

Responsibility: We are reliable, carry out our plans, learn from our successes and failures, and we deliver.

Health, safety and environment

Protan is a health-promoting workplace, where no-one is injured or becomes ill from working. Good health is important for all employees and is a critical success factor in achieving our goals. We are responsible for our own and others’ safety and we provide good working conditions for all. We all have a duty to speak out should our safety or that of others be in danger. We have a zero accident and injury policy. Protan has first-rate safety procedures and safety training for the work we perform. All our employees are entitled to stop work if there is imminent danger to life or health. In such situations managers must be alerted immediately.

We conduct our activities through effective use of materials and energy, with a focus on reducing the use of natural resources and keeping emissions and waste to a minimum. We aim to make all of our products recyclable.

Illegal employment

Illegal employment and social dumping undermine our activities and we have zero tolerance for this. All employees distance themselves from illegal employment and social dumping.

Bullying and discrimination

We treat all those with whom we come into contact during the course of our work with respect and trust. We do not condone bullying of colleagues, clients, suppliers or other partners. The same applies to discrimination on the basis of, among other things, religion, ethnicity, sex or sexual orientation.

Market and competition

Protan wishes to be part of a market where healthy competition is natural. As such, we refrain from any kind of unlawful collaboration or attempts to influence the market.

We have zero tolerance for corruption and trading in influence. Corruption undermines the principle of free competition and would be extremely damaging to our reputation. Our financial statements reflect all of our activities and comply with all laws and regulations.

Conflict of interest

Employees must avoid situations where there is a conflict between their own and Protan’s interests. We expect loyal employees and prohibit staff from conducting or participating in competitive activities. Should a conflict of interest arise, it is the responsibility of the employee to inform their immediate supervisor.

Entertainment, client and supplier relations, gifts

A good and professional relationship with clients and suppliers is vital to succeed in the market. Relationship building is a natural aspect of doing business and we conduct ourselves, and are perceived as a company, with a strong focus on ethics. Transparency is vital. We meet our partners with respect and honesty and treat them in an ethical manner. Our suppliers can be confident that they compete for contracts with Protan on an equal footing with other suppliers.

As authorised by their managers, employees may organise or participate in social events, lunches, dinners and entertainment, as long as the event has a clear professional/business purpose. Our employees always conduct themselves with the knowledge that they are representing Protan.

We do not give gifts of great value to individuals and we are particularly cautious in this regard during a procurement process.


All employees are subject to a duty of confidentiality with regard to trade secrets or classified information. We are all important ambassadors of the company. This means that we are aware of how we speak about Protan, both during our time of employment and after it has ended.

Press and social media

Protan is a united and professional company and wishes to be seen as such. Only employees authorised to issue statements to the press on behalf of the company may do so.

We use social media in a thoughtful manner so as not to harm our reputation. 

Our employees understand that they also represent Protan outside working hours.

Reporting irregularities

All our activities are required to be subject to a responsible reporting system so that employees and others can alert us to irregularities. The system at Protan makes it easy and safe to do so.

If you know of employees at Protan who are not following rules, laws or Protan’s ethical code, we ask you to inform us immediately. You can make an anonymous report in Norwegian, English or Polish.

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