Experts at calculating and designing roofs

Experts at calculating and designing roofs

Protan's Project Design Office assists architects, consultants, builders and contractors with cutting-edge technical expertise and offers optimized system solutions for the building.


Project Design Office

We are knowledgeable employees who, among other things, help with:

  • Roof design in BIM and CAD through ProPlan
  • Wind load calculation
  • Visualizations
  • Design that minimizes material consumption and cuts costs.
  • Calculation through ProKalk, which generates time use, material consumption, project descriptions and offers
  • Design of our water diversion system Protan BlueProof
  • Insulation design

This is how we contribute to value in your projects:

Long experience and 'best practice': We draw on knowledge and experience from Protan's long history of manufacturing waterproofing membranes to tailor a roof design specifically to the client’s needs.

Updated product knowledge: Our team has all the latest product knowledge and data regarding Protan's roof coverings and membranes.

We know the roofers: We have experience-based expertise via Protan's contracting business and authorized roofers.

Complete solutions: We have a good collaboration with insulation and fastening manufacturers so that we can offer optimized system solutions for the building.

All types of buildings: We have experience in developing and optimizing roof systems across the education, residential, commercial office, industrial and logistics sectors.

Large and small projects: Our portfolio ranges from small-scale projects and renovations to large residential complexes and large logistics warehouses.

We employ a range of tools and services to provide optimised roofing solutions. 

Contact our Project Design Office

Contact our Project Design Office

We are experts at calculating and designing Protan roof systems.