Protan Infraplan Water Protection System

Protan Infraplan Water Protection System 

Protan InfraPlan is a complete water protection system for tunnels and underground constructions. Benefits include low life-cycle costs, easy installation and environmental gains. 

We live in a world that depends on mobility. Tunnels and other underground infrastructure play an important role in a well-functioning society. This critical infrastructure has to continuously tolerate heavy stress and last not just for decades, but centuries.  

Water pressure, toxic chemicals and bacteria, gas diffusion, geostatic stress, traffic vibrations, extreme temperature swings, other weather and climate stresses – the list of what underground infrastructure must tolerate is long. This is why it is vital that high-quality materials and protection systems with a long lifetime are used. 


Protan has over 80 years of experience in membrane technology. At the same time, we have almost as much experience in supplying recognised products and solutions for membranes used in the ventilation of tunnels and mines. We have combined this competence and market knowledge to create a sustainable and highly durable water protection system for all types of tunnels. 

Protan Infraplan was launched in 2021 and is designed to be functional and versatile. This sustainable, homogenous, flexible and watertight single-layer membrane is made to last.  

Protan’s tunnel membrane has been well established in the Turkish tunnel market for many years, and is, among other applications, widely used in Istanbul’s underground rail system. It meets the requirements of the Norwegian Public Roads Administration handbook and other European requirements. 

Protan InfraPlan is easy for companies to use and install. Protan roof membranes are known for their long lifetime and for having the lowest carbon footprint in the industry, and these important values for sustainability and durability also apply to our tunnel membranes.  

In addition to protecting the tunnel, Protan tunnel membranes also help to protect the area both inside and surrounding the tunnel by, for example, preventing groundwater pollution and the leakage of oil or chemicals from the tunnel out into nature. 

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Sacha de Bilderling - Sales Director Tunneling & Mining

Sacha de Bilderling

Sales Director Tunneling & Mining
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Arndt Hedtkamp

Sales Manager
Western Europe Market

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