Ventiflex Ventilation Systems

The art of transporting fresh air

Our flexible ventilation systems for mines and tunnels are among the most innovative in the world.

When Protan established Ventiflex in 1949, we were the first in Europe to supply flexible ventilation ducts for mines and tunnels.

Through almost 70 years we have gained extensive expertise and experience, which has created the foundation for today’s world-leading products and solutions.

Flame retardant and self-extinguishing

All our systems are custom-made to purpose for each project and supplied in five different qualities of ductings.

All five are flame retardant and self-extinguishing. In addition, two have anti-static qualities and are especially developed for environments in which flammable gases are present.

Driving force

We work continuously to drive the development of ventilation technology in mines and tunnels. We are a member of the NTN (Norwegian Tunneling Network) and we offer extensive training and user support to our Ventiflex clients. We maintain close dialogue and good cooperation with our clients, and training is included for installation, suspension and repairs.

Several hundreds of kilometres every year

Together with our collaboration partners, we supply several hundreds of kilometres of ventilation ducts to mines and tunnels every year. These are part of exciting and challenging projects in Nordic countries and the rest of Europe, South America, Asia, Africa and Australia.

Durable and flexible

Through innovation and continuous improvement, we always strive to offer the best duct quality that is: 

  • Extremely durable 
  • Highly flexible 
  • Lightweight 
  • Easy to handle 

Production and quality assurance

The Ventiflex products are produced and assembled in Norway.

The coated textile is produced in Drammen, while the ducts are manufactured in a factory in Nesbyen.

Our factories and our ventilation systems are approved and certified in accordance with the quality standard ISO 9001 and environmental standard ISO 14001.

This means the entire value chain and all ventilation solutions are of documented high quality and have minimal impact on the environment, both locally and globally.

Development and testing

We develop and test all solutions and their quality at our laboratory in Drammen. 

The laboratory is approved by world-leading Norwegian certification society Det Norske Veritas (DNV) and follows strict testing and documentation routines. 

All systems undergo in-depth monitoring and quality assurance before delivery. 

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Sacha de Bilderling - Sales Director Tunneling & Mining

Sacha de Bilderling

Sales Director Tunneling & Mining
Arndt Hedtkamp - Sales Manager – Tunneling & Mining

Arndt Hedtkamp

Sales Manager – Tunneling & Mining

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