Ventiflex Air

Protan Ventiflex Air is a concept for mines and tunnels in which membrane materials, couplings and welding technology combine to create a world-class ventilation duct system.

Ventiflex Air was the first flexible ventilation system to be developed and produced in Europe. All five of our ducting qualities in this series are the result of many years of experience, aerodynamic expertise and extensive product development.

Specially developed PVC membrane

The ducting qualities in the Ventiflex Air series are developed designed and manufactured in a membrane specially developed for ventilation ducts. The reinforced polyester textile is produced at our own plant in order to ensure it has the right properties. The textile, and thus the membrane, is stronger radially than axially owing to its air pressure characteristics.

Optimal strength

The polyester textile is knitted, not woven, so as to minimise the length and size of any damage or tears. The textile is coated with strong PVC, which helps to optimise strength and prevent delamination when it is exposed to high pressure and stress. Should damage nevertheless occur, we have the expertise and experience to carry out the vast majority of repairs in the field without any reduction in the quality or capacity of the ventilation system.

Fully automated welding system

A fully automated welding system means that we can supply every duct diameter from ø200 mm to ø3200 mm in any length. A continuous suspension rib running the length of the duct, with PVC eyelets every 50 cm, improves air flow and ensures a high capacity. Practical tests on our duct systems confirm both their quality and our ability to deliver results that are better than the figures in the SIA 196 standard's S class.

Ventiflex duct qualities

All five of our ducting qualities are:

  • Flame Retardant
  • Self-extinguishing

Two of our ducting qualities also have anti-static properties. Anti-static ducting qualities are ideal for coal mines and tunnels where flammable gases may be present.

The choice of ducting quality depends on the working air pressure calculated for the ventilation system. We supply duct lengths to specification for all qualities and diameters. All ducts are supplied standard in yellow, apart from anti-static ducts, which are light grey. Other colours are available on request.

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Arndt Hedtkamp

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